Author Karen Fuller





Dark Wolf:



 Erotic Paranormal Romance.


Coming this Summer 2016 from

World Castle Publishing, LLC



A tragic beginning . . .

Nikki Rogers and her brother Seth are on the hunt.  A pack of werewolves slaughtered their parents and their coven.  Hot for revenge, they join a vigilantes group called "The Paranormal Bounty Hunters."  This group hunts and destroys paranormal entities for a fee.

An unexpected love . . .

Following a trail of vicious werewolf attacks, Nikki and Seth encounter the hot and sexy Aaron Wolf, a full-blooded Navajo Indian, who harbors a deep dark secret. 

A dark secret that must be kept at all costs . . . 

Aaron only has eyes for Nikki, and vows to stop her foolishness before it gets her killed, or worse, she discovers his darkest secret . . .

                                                                                                                          Coming Soon!!!!

from World Castle Publishing!!!

Sneak Preview . . .



Abbeville, Mississippi, the night of the Summer Solstice, 2010


Lightning cracked through the turbulent sky, for just a moment in time illuminating the small bedroom on the upper story of the large wood framed house. A loud clap of thunder followed shortly, rattling the windows in their wooden frames. The grandfather clock downstairs chimed twelve times, welcoming the beginning of the summer solstice.

Hugging her pillow, Nikki Rogers rolled over in the antique cherry four poster bed. The storm raging outside hadn’t fazed her slumber. A slight smile tugged at the corners of her petite mouth as she emitted a small sigh. Her dream of Paul was hot and vivid.

She had been attracted to Paul from the moment his icy blue eyes met hers for the first time. It was six months ago, at the New Year’s Eve party in the town hall. Tall, dark and handsome was the first thought to cross her mind. His blue eyes, the first thing to catch her attention, were a stark contrast to the black lashes framing them, but complimented the olive complexion, straight nose and rounded jaw, darkened by a day’s stubble. Paul’s raven locks, long and unruly, framed his face and fell rakishly across his forehead. As her gaze traveled down, she noticed that the black t-shirt and leather vest he wore barely concealed his muscular chest and gave hint to the chiseled abs hidden beneath. His black leather pants, worn low on his hips, fit like a second skin over his long muscular legs and scrunched slightly over the black leather biker boots. The combined effect took her breath away. Growing up in a small town, Nikki wasn’t accustomed to seeing his type anywhere but on TV or at the movies. He was…dangerous.

Paul had waltzed into the building like he owned the place, bringing with him a small group of friends, all dressed in black leather and chains. The epitome of everything all parents loathed, therefore Nikki loved. In the six months he’d been in their little town he had earned the reputation of the small town bad boy, and earned the hatred of Nikki’s family.

Gripping the pillow tighter, Nikki’s eyes moved frantically beneath their shuttered lids, and her face grew flush with raw desire as the dream progressed.

Brushing her fingers across Paul’s abs, she reveled in the feel of the taut muscles rippling beneath her fingertips. To her he was perfect, and she longed to know what it would be like to finally be his completely. Nothing was there to stop her this time, and the thought that he was finally hers had her growing bolder in her explorations. Her inexperienced fingers traveled up and traced the outline of his nipple. Licking her lips she marveled as it hardened beneath her touch. She brought her moistened lips to the pebbled peak and circled her tongue around it, then nipped at it with her teeth. Paul growled and threw her on her back. His fingers caught the front of her nightgown and ripped it from her body. He ran his hand over her bare breast and rolled the nipple between his fingers. She felt the need for him coil and center between her thighs. Their eyes met. His gaze reflected a wildness that both frightened and attracted her at the same time.

“You are mine, little one.” His tone was harsh and demanding.


He ran his fingers across her hips, then between her legs to stroke her silky wetness. She cried out as his fingers brushed over the sensitive nub to delve into her depths. “That’s it little one. Give yourself to me. Once you’re mine, you’re mine forever. Your parents or the coven won’t have any say in the matter.”

Her breaths now came in short pants. “Paul,” she sighed as she rolled over, “they don’t understand…I want only you.” Her voice drifted off and her breathing became deep and even again.


A hand clamped firmly down over Nikki’s mouth, and her eyes flew open in fright.

“Shhh,” her younger brother Seth whispered fiercely, “Nikki it’s me.”

She was tired of his practical jokes and bit down on his fingers.

Yanking his hand back he hissed in a raised whisper, “Stop biting me. This isn’t a joke. We can’t let them hear us.” He brought his injured finger up to his own lips to nurse the damage.

She sat up in bed and glared at her younger brother. “We can’t let who hear us?” she demanded in a harsh whisper.

He glanced apprehensively at the bedroom door and then turned to look into her eyes. “Mom and dad.” She opened her mouth to say something, and he clamped his hand over her mouth again, shaking his head no violently. “They’ve called a secret meeting of the coven,” he whispered, then removed his hand from her mouth.

Nikki slung back the covers and draped her long slender legs over the side of the bed. Easing out of bed she stood next to Seth, the hem of her night shirt sliding to her knees.

She gave Seth a sour look. Even though he was two years younger than her, he towered over her five foot seven inch frame. He had her same olive complexion, devilishly handsome, with thick wavy black hair. At eighteen, he was thick with muscle and was larger than most grown men. He wore his jeans low on his hips and had on a t-shirt that stretched tightly across his chest. She was forced to look up at him. “What’s the big secret, and why aren’t we supposed to be there?”

“The meeting is about Paul.”

She caught her breath in confusion. “Paul?” She shook her head in denial. This couldn’t be happening. She loved Paul and if the coven was having a secret meeting this couldn’t be good. A little fearfully she asked, “Why? What’s Paul done to the coven?”

“Dad thinks he’s getting too serious about you.” Her eyes grew rebelliously wide at his statement, then Seth shook his head at her in warning. “They’re going to cast a spell to reveal his true intentions.”

She looked away from her brother, then crossed her arms over her chest replying stubbornly, “Can’t everyone just leave us alone?”

“I guess not,” Seth said. Nikki turned back and he avoided her eyes to look at the bedroom door again.

When he looked back at her she gave him ‘the look.’ The look that silently screamed, ‘You don’t like Paul either. Why are you even here?’ He shrugged at the unasked question then replied, “I thought you might want to spy on the ceremony.”

Nikki set her jaw drawing her lips in a thin line, then nodded.

Seth wrapped his fingers around her upper arm then tugged gently. “Come on then.”

She yanked her arm away. “Wait a minute. I need to grab something first.” Tiptoeing over to her dresser she picked up a cloth pouch. “We might need this.” She dangled the pouch between her fingers for Seth to see.

“What is it?”

Nikki smiled mischievously. “This, my dear brother, is a spell of my own concoction. This powder, once sprinkled on the user, makes them invisible. The spell is so strong that others won’t even be able to sense the user’s presence. It masks everything but sound.”

He chuckled softly. “We might need that.” He cocked his head to the side and raised an eyebrow. “Why did you cast that spell?”

She bit her lip, then looked away, the guilt apparent in her expression. “I know mom and dad don’t like Paul…” She turned to gaze back into her brother’s eyes and to her surprise what she saw there was compassion. She understood in that moment that her brother had finally grown into a man and deserved her honesty. Raising her chin defiantly she continued, “I love Paul and I could tell that father didn’t approve. I thought I might need it to sneak away.”

Seth nodded, then grinned. “You might be right.” He reached out and chucked her under the chin playfully, then grabbed the doorknob and eased the door silently open. “Let’s go see what the coven’s up to.”

They crept out of her bedroom to the top of the stairs and crouched down so that they couldn’t be seen from below. Leaning forward they observe the scene below in silence.

The members of the coven were sitting in a circle chanting softly. They were cloaked in black robes, making it difficult to distinguish one person from the next. The room was dark, except for the eerie glow from the candles, casting long ominous shadows across the floors and walls. Nikki could just make out the outline of a chalk pentagram drawn in the center of the floor. A cloaked figure raised their hands and the candle flame ignited brighter illuminating their features as they worked their magic.

Nikki’s anger flared instantly as soon as she recognized her father. She couldn’t hear the spell he was chanting, but she knew that it was a spell he was casting against ‘her Paul.’ She had to stop them. She wouldn’t lose Paul to some crummy spell, at least not if she had anything to say about it anyway. She stood up abruptly just as Seth snagged her arm to stop her. “I’m going down there and putting a stop to this,” she whispered. Seth shook his head frantically just as a loud thud struck the front door. Everyone’s heads snapped around to stare at the door.

Seth yanked her arm again and pulled her back down urgently. “Wait! It looks like there’s something more going on here than what I originally thought.” He draped his arm over her shoulder protectively to keep her down as they continued to watch.

Seth and Nikki sucked in their breaths collectively in surprise and fear as the front door splintered, then wood flew into the room from the force of the blow.

From the darkened entrance the werewolves charged into the room. They were large, frightening, creatures that stood on the legs of men with torsos that expanded into barrel chests. Their muscular arms tapered to clawed hands. The wolves’ entire bodies were covered in coarse brown wiry fur. Their heads were massive with demonic eyes that glowed red with evil intensity and a large snout with razor-sharp teeth dripping with saliva. Their grotesque lips drew back away from their teeth as they advanced on their victims.

The hapless coven screamed as one in terror as their enemy advanced. Although the coven was strong in numbers they were unprepared for the attack. Nikki and Seth held onto one another and watched in horror as the pack attacked their coven. The wolves were ruthless. Their intent was obviously a bloodbath.

“Oh my God, Seth,” Nikki cried out as tears of fear and outrage streamed down her cheeks. “We have to help them.”

“No,” he roared out urgently, “they’ll kill us too.”

No sooner had Seth spoke, the lead werewolf looked up at the sound and trained his red eyes on them. Then the leader howled so loudly that it raised the hair on sibling’s arms.

Driven by fear, Nikki fumbled with the pouch in her hand. She was looking into the face of pure evil. And that evil was looking back at her. The lips drew back from the razor-sharp teeth and its tongue slithered out as if it tasted the air. She had to do something. “God, if you're up there help me now.” Her hands shook so violently that she almost lost purchase but somehow she found an inner strength. Pouring some of the powder in the palm of her hand, she sprinkled it over herself and Seth.

Nikki and Seth faded from view, and the alpha blinked a few times in surprise. Then he narrowed his red eyes staring hard in their direction, and listened. Letting out a growl he sniffed the air then threw back his head, howling in frustration.

Nikki placed her hand over Seth’s mouth in warning to keep quiet. She stood then and motioned for Seth to follow her. They had been seen and had to move―now. They had only moved a few feet when two wolves ascended the stairs.

Nikki and Seth plastered themselves against the wall and held their breath. Keeping quiet was their only chance. Nikki felt her heart beat so fast that she was afraid that they would hear it. How could this happen? There weren't supposed to be any werewolves here. The coven had spells and charms in place to prevent that kind of thing from ever happening.

Nikki’s body started to shake as the realization of what she had just witnessed, struck home. It was a massacre. She had never seen so much blood and destruction. It was all she could do to keep from gagging as her stomach lurched and bile burned the back of her throat. Noise, no matter how small, would be a fatal mistake.

Drawing her bottom lip between her teeth, she bit down and tasted blood. The pain convincing her that this wasn’t a nightmare, but a stark cruel reality. How could things go so wrong so fast?

The wolves charged right past them, throwing open doors as they went. Their claws slashed at the wood and fabric as they destroyed the rooms looking for them. Coming up empty-handed, Nikki watched as the monsters charged back downstairs, and left the house within minutes to finish their rampage on the small town.

When Nikki and Seth heard the wolves leave, they headed back to the top of the stairs, then slid to their knees in despair. The room was just a huge scene of carnage and destruction. The creatures had torn everyone up so badly that she couldn’t tell one body from the next. Everyone she knew and trusted―her parents―her friends―they were gone, all gone. All she had left was Seth. Her shattered mind refused to broach the subject of Paul. Those werewolves were unstoppable. She had no hope that Paul would have survived. In that moment she wished she hadn't either.

Nikki laid her head on Seth’s chest. They held each other, afraid to move, until the sky lightened outside and sunshine shone through the windows with the early morning light. Nikki realized that they had to do something they couldn't just sit there. She pried her fingers away from the grip she had on Seth shirt. Her tears had long since dried leaving streaks in their wake. She took a quivering breath and spoke hoarsely, “I think it’s over.” She stood and looked down at her brother. He looked lost and didn't seem to understand her words so she explained, “The werewolves would have had to revert back to their human forms with the sunrise.”

Seth ignored her statement as his face contorted with anguish. “Nikki, they’re gone.” He sobbed openly.

She sunk down to her knees and placed her hand on his shoulder and spoke softly, “I know. I just told you that they would have to revert back to their human forms. We're safe now.”

He jerked away from her touch. “No, not them,” he roared. His shoulders shook with grief. “Mom and dad, they’re gone.” He reached up gripping her shoulders and shook her hard. “I said they’re gone,” he shouted.

She closed her eyes as fresh tears fell down her cheeks. She hung her head, and Seth pulled her into a fierce hug. “I know,” she said softly. He held her tightly, and they cried together.

Nikki finally pried herself away from Seth and stood on shaky feet. She looked down at him and took a quivering breath then held out her hand to him. “Come on Seth, we need to go find help,” she said softly.

He looked at her offered hand and shook his head. “There is no one left to help,” Seth’s voice was empty.

We need help,” she said forcefully. “I vow that we will get these bastards and make them pay for this. Are you coming with me? Or do I have to do this alone?”

Seth grabbed her outstretched hand and stood up. Pure hatred reflected in his eyes. “I’m with you. I vow to kill those bastards, or die trying.”

She squared her shoulders with new resolve as she looked into Seth’s eyes solemnly. “Now, little brother, we will learn to hunt. I swear that they will all be dead if it is the last thing I ever do. Damn their rotten souls to hell.”

* * *

Sometimes things do go bump in the night, and when they do, call us.” That’s the advertisement that Nikki and Seth responded to from the internet. They were now proud members of “The Paranormal Bounty Hunters Organization.” This was a large group of roughneck vigilantes, whose sole mission was to wipe out and destroy paranormal monsters for a fee.

Nikki and Seth moved in with this group to train. Not for the money. They had no need of money. They had inherited plenty when their parents died. They were in it for the revenge. They were in it for the hunt.


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