Author Karen Fuller

Brianna Haskell, article was published October 2010 kNight Magazine

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By Karen Fuller

The movie is about a young girl, Sadie Clove.  She experiences a series of unexplained seizures, and is sent to a therapist to find out the underlying cause.  Sadie’s condition worsens as time progresses.  Her therapist becomes concerned because Sadie can’t remember segments of her childhood.  One forgotten memory in particular, a summer spent at her aunt’s house.  Her aunt was known to practice the dark arts.  The therapist confronts Sadie’s parents on the issue and finds them reluctant to explain the events of that fated summer.  They all visit the aunt’s house, and it triggers the family’s demons to surface in a startling, gruesome, way.

The movie is being filmed entirely in Alabama by Death by Fly Paper Films.  Filming began October 1, 2010.  The film is due to be released sometime in 2011

For additional information on the move check out these websites:

As an interviewer, I thought a Horror Movie would be a good topic for the month of October, Halloween Month.  I also had the distinct privilege to interview one of the cast members of the movie Sadie Clove.  I would like to introduce a new actress, Brianna Haskell.

Brianna, tell us about your latest news.

My latest news would be a feature film, Sadie Clove, which I was chosen to be in. Not as a main character but for a high school scene. I am very excited to be a part of this production and can’t wait to start filming in November.

Brianna, when and why did you begin acting and modeling?

Well, I started out in modeling about 3 years ago.  I was discovered by National Discovery.  I became interested in modeling by watching America’s Next Top Model.  So, one day I decided to get into the business.  Later on is when I became interested in acting.  I didn’t want to only take a pretty picture, but I wanted to put a voice with the picture.

Brianna, what do you like to do when you are not acting and modeling?

When I’m not acting/modeling I like to just be a teenager.  Hang out with my friends, going to my high school football games.  Also, I have a job so I work some on the weekends.

Brianna, what inspired you to strive for an acting/modeling career?

I wanted to be on magazine covers and in runway shows!  One day I’d like to maybe see myself in a big time film or TV show. Also, I like making my mom proud of what I have accomplished in modeling/acting, and it is what makes me strive to keep doing it.

Brianna, is there anything special that you want to tell your fans?

I want to thank my mom.  She’s been there and supported me all the way. And I know I wouldn’t/couldn’t have done it without her.  I love you mom.  I also want to thank everyone else that have supported and cheered me on since the beginning, no matter what I will never forget anyone of you. Ya’ll have been a big help.  A special thank you to Mrs. Karen! She has given me many opportunities’ and has helped me out a lot. Thank you so much, and I look forwarded to working with you in the future. Congratulations on the book and I am proud of what you are doing/accomplished.  Keep up the good work!

Brianna, what are some of the goals and future plans with your acting and modeling?

One major plan for me right now is building up my resume.  But some future goals for acting would be landing a part in a film, or TV series, these are things I have dreamed of doing. As for modeling, I would love to book print jobs and maybe even runway! No matter what, I am keeping all options and doors open for anything that comes my way.

Modeling/Acting is something I enjoy and love to do. I have fun with it and enjoy working with everyone I meet/work with.


Brianna Haskell is just beginning her Acting/Modeling venture.  This Author also has knowedge that the public will be seeing Brianna's face on the cover of a new romance novel that will be released within the next few months.  Everyone needs to keep their eyes on the movies, TV, and book covers.  Remember you saw her here first, for her very first public interview with kNight Series On Line Magazine!



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