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Charlotte Blackwell Author of The Embrace Series

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Title: Desire Everlasting

Author: Karen Fuller

Publisher: World Castle Publishing

Release Date: October 15, 2011

ISBN 13: 9781937085261

Book synopsis:

In The Wake Of A Tragedy, A True Love Is Born...

Life isn't easy in the South in 1860. Bree Montgomery's life is set in turmoil by the tragic deaths of her parents. Forced to leave her friends and home in the big city of Charleston, she moves to the small rural town of Willstown, Alabama, to live with her aunt. She now lives so far out in the country that there's not a neighbour in sight. She is convinced that her life is ruined. That is, until she meets the gorgeous, Gabriel March, a young man with a stubborn will and a fiery temper to match her own.

A battle of wills is fought as the two stubborn personalities collide. In the aftermath, they are left with a love so strong that the only thing that can separate them is...a Civil War.

Bree's life is thrown into turmoil again. Will her will be strong enough to survive it? Or will she be thrown into a Desire Everlasting?

Review: 5/5

DESIRE EVERLASTING is a great historical romance for teens, young adults and those that just love a good romantic tale. The protagonist Bree has lost her parents and is forced to start school in a new town. Realizing that her hand has been promised to the handsome neighbour boy, Bree rebels as she believes her father would not approve. She voices her concerns about her aunt’s arrangements, but tries to make the best of the situation. Although she still does not agree with it. Little does she know this was all her father’s doing and his reason for sheltering her all these years. The betrothal has been planned for years as Mr. March and Bree’s father have been long time friends, and the joining of the families will benefit both sides.

The handsome Gabriel and Bree continue to disagree, but the romantic tension is building between them faster than either realises. Before long the two young adults must admit what everyone else has known for some time now, and see where it may take them. Once they have accepted the arrangements set in motion by their parents, the relationship blossoms. Nothing could come between the two now, except for the confederate army and the Civil War. But Bree would never accept losing her love to war.

Readers will enjoy watching the romance build between Bree and Gabriel well as learning and watching how a family’s place in society can affect the lives of everyone around them. Some play in to the stereotypes as other refuse to judge others based on the jobs their family holds. Can a family accept another even when their stature in life does not match with who they love? Bree will make sure love wins out in the end, because love is all that really matters when it comes to family.

Author KAREN FULLER has done an incredible job with this story. The writing is superb, and her research for the historical element is second to none. Every character Karen introduces into the story, is well written, and fully developed. As a reader, I felt as if I were inside the tale watching it play out before my eyes. I could not have asked for anything more for this story and believe that everyone who enjoys romance will enjoy DESIRE EVERLASTING. Readers will love this story even if historical fiction is not your top choice as Karen does not allow the historical elements to overpower the story, only compliment it. I look forward to reading other works by the phenomenal Author KAREN FULLER.

Review done by Charlotte Blackwell –Author of the Embrace Series

Enduring Romance Blogspot-Great Review

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wickford High: The Revelation by Karen Fuller

August 2010, kNight Romance Publishing Teen Bites

E-book, Review copy

Young Adult paranormal romance

Summary from kNight Romance Publishing




The first day of school anywhere is never fun...

Vicky Phillips was having the worst day of her life. A new town, a new school, and it just happened to be her senior year. Wickford High held no appeal to her, until she met the gorgeous Luke Wolfburn. Luke made the disaster she called her life bearable.

Dark secrets that must be kept hidden... Her recent past and her mother's recent death were her darkest secrets. Vicky all too soon discovered that you can't run from your past. It will always come back to haunt you...

This is one of many genres I eagerly snap up to read. It is a relatively short book, placing it in what I call a light read section but this doesn't detract from the quality of the writing or the tension in the story. This is the first book in the series, and it has me wanting to know a lot more about Vicky's life. I was giggling away in the first chapter - everything that could go wrong on Vicky's first day, did go wrong. Quite spectacularly too. She doesn't give up, mostly because she can't. She makes the other girls in her class and year jealous - they idolise Luke and don't understand why he favours her. One of these girls goes as far to hurt Vicky, using a power that I thought would shock her. However, Vicky's secret involves a greater power. It was a plot revelation that shocked me - I love how the power Vicky uses isn't entirely good. If she's not careful she could go down the path of evil. Using her power means she gets to learn a bit more about what happened to her mother. That was a horrible part of the story and had me needing a tissue. The relationship Vicky has with her father is really sweet. It's clear they love each other dearly, and I think her father will be her rock in later books. All the characters are memorable for me, especially the nuns and monks who teach at the school. Some definitely do not like Vicky!

Heat wise this is a mild read. I recommend it for all fans of YA paranormal romance, especially if they enjoy books evolving around high school (I do!). I hope to be reviewing the rest of this series as it gets released.

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Kimber An said...

And the hero is BLOND!!!

Great review, Nayu.

November 19, 2010 5:08 AM

A Night Owl Reviews Top Pick!

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Diana of Night Owl Reviews has reviewed The Revelation by Karen Fuller.


Title: The Revelation

Wickford High Series, Book 1

Authors: Karen Fuller

Genres: Paranormal Romance, Teen

Site Date Sep 21, 2010

Online Link:


Score: 5.00 / 5 - Reviewer Top Pick



Vicky Phillips has always thought of herself as a normal teenager. But strange

things have been happening to her lately that she just can't explain. Then

tragedy strikes and her mother dies unexpectedly. Within a few days of her mom's

death, her father decides to relocate them from Fort Lauderdale to a new town

some distance away that seems nice, but very different. Everything that's

happening as of late seems pretty extreme to Vicky, but her father doesn't tell

her the true reasoning behind their abrupt move. He wants to protect her in any

way possible that he can.

Starting out in a new school her senior year isn't the easiest either. She finds

herself enrolled into Wickford High, a strict Catholic school, and from the

moment she walks in there things keep getting worse for her. But they start to

look up when she meets this really cute guy, Luke Wolfburn, and he takes her

under his wing to help her transition a bit easier. As they get to know each

other, they seem very attracted to one another, but Luke is fearful that if she

finds out the truth about him she won't still be interested in him.

Does Vicky ever find out Luke's secret? What about all the secrets her parents

have withheld from her too? Moving forward, is it at all possible for her to try

and have as normal a teenage life as she can?

I have to say that I absolutely loved this book! Although it's a Young Adult

novel I can assure you that even as an adult, such as myself, you'll enjoy it

just as much as a teenager. I know this is a new author and rest assured she

will be going places with her new series. She carved out wonderful characters

that you just can't help but fall in love with and they work so well together to

make this story so believable. I eagerly look forward to reading the next book

in the series, Furiously Tempted , which should be coming out soon. Don't pass

this new series up!

Happy Reading,

Tammie King

Director of Marketing

WEtap Media, LLC


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Great Review from The Phantom Paragrapher

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Saturday, September 25, 2010Teen Bites : Wickford High: The Revelation - Karen Fuller



Wanting a new supernatural series to get stuck into while you wait for Crescendo , Fallen or Last Sacrifice ?


Check out Indie Publishing company kNight Romance Publishing run by my friend/author T.L Mitchell.


Review : Wickford High : The Revelation - Karen Fuller -2010


Sometimes it's the small publishing companies that release the awesome books to read , the ones that give unknown authors a chance to shine, to make their mark on the world.

Author Karen Fuller is one of those authors , she has just released a new series called Wickford High - it is set in a community, a small town -where the majority of the families have some kind of Supernatural power - it reminded me a bit of the Television Show "The Gates".


When we read it , we are introduced to the main star of the book Vicky , after her mum passed away her dad and her have moved to the town her mother grew up in and now Vicky is attending a school where odd things are happening.

We are first introduced to Luke Wolfburn , with his extensive hearing skills and abilities to move fast and his parents own a great restaurant -any guesses what Luke is ?

To Sara - a black magic witch who has been scaring all the students off and nobody crosses with Sara unless they wish to be cursed for eternity.

Sara and Vicky get off to a bad start but when Sara confronts Vicky , it seems Sara is about to get alot more than she bargained for . Who is Vicky and what is she exactly and how is she connected to a small town she's never visited or heard of before ?

Looking forward to Book #2 : Wickford High -Furiously Tempted

For more Information Head to : or

5*****Star Review for Wickford High: The Revelation

Posted by Karen Fuller on August 30, 2010 at 7:41 PM Comments comments (0)


Book- Wickford High- The Revelation

Author- Karen Fuller

Publisher- kNight Romance Publishing

E Book

Genre- Paranormal

Rating- YA


Karen Fuller has a winner!!!! WICKFORD HIGH has lived up to the hype her publisher kNight Romance Publishing has been sending out all week for this breakout new author and story!!!

Vicky Phillips is starting school at Wickford High. She has been pulled out of her hometown after the tragic death of her mother. We find her at her first day of school, where she first meets Luke Wolfburn.. We follow Vicky thru her horrendous “First Day of School” where we meet Sarah the Horrible and other teachers and classmates.

Vicky and Luke have a connection and make a date for dinner that have dinner and help Vicky buy a Uniform for her new school. After sharing with her father how horrible her first day at school was, she forces her Dad to level with her and tell her what happened to her Mother. We find out she was burned at the stake for being a witch. We have already found out that Vicky is aware of ‘who’ she is and shares this with her Dad.

Her date with Luke is wonderful, sensual as young love can be, filled with burning hunger and

a promise of what is to come. At the store , in the dressing room Vicky is abducted and awakens

tied to a stake. She starts to use her power to protect herself and the group that is there to harm her is attacked by a pack of wolves. Lo and behold the bad guys are destroyed and left is this beautiful black wolf that phases into Luke...

Let me tell you people, is this the start of a great new storyline???I loved it and I am not a young teen...Book is coming out August 31st, 2010

Review by Gloria Lakritz-Senior Reviewer

Paranormal Romance Guild


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